MAHLE worldwide / EN


1. We want leadership, profitability and growth
Our goal is to be ahead of our competitors , technologically and economically. Through commitment and creativity, we create the base for a continuous growth of our Company.

2. We want satisfied customers
Quality in our work is the basis for reaching the expectations of our customers, and this is fundamental for the success of the Company and consequently for the assurance of our jobs.

3. We want excellent suppliers
We search for and develop capable suppliers, extending to them our quality system.

4. We want motivated and competent employees
Motivated and competent employees are the key to our success. Through knowledge transfer, confidence and empowerment, we permanently pursue the motivation and competence of our employees.

5. We want the top-management to exercise quality management
The top-management is quality-oriented, leading by example to commitment to quality goals and guidelines, promoting quality awareness and defining goals for quality implementation.

6. We are process-oriented
The responsibilities are defined by integration and team-work approaches above departmental needs and interests. Team-work and the multidisciplinary concepts lead to better results.

7. We prevent errors
Prevention rather than detection of errors is our priority. Our efforts focus on doing it right the first time by strict adherence to previously established requirements.

8. We seek continuous improvement
We seek an outstanding position in the global competition through plans of continuous improvements and the measuring of our work, our processes and our products.