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  • MAHLE in North America - THINK BIG. AND ELECTRIC.

    The USA, along with China and Japan, is among the countries with the highest number of electric vehicles—although with a total of almost 500,000 registered e-mobiles, this is still less than one percent of the entire fleet. The State of California is the main driver of this development with its “Mobile Source Strategy,” which aims to reduce vehicle emissions by up to 50 percent by 2030. To achieve this goal, car manufacturers are obliged to market a set percentage of vehicles with alternative drive systems.

  • MAHLE Waste Heat Recovery

    The reduction of the fuel consumption of HD trucks is and will remain a major development driver for heavy duty trucks. About 30% of the energy out of the fuel gets lost with the exhaust. This energy can be used in a so called Clausius Rankine process. In this steam process, a working fluid (e.g. Ethanol) gets evaporated under high pressure in an evaporator. The expansion takes place in an expansion machine. After the condensation of the working fluid in a coolant cooled condenser, the pump increases the pressure and provides the required mass flow, depending on the heat source that is available. This steam process is well known from stationary applications and was transferred to mobile on-road applications.

    The energy out of the WHR system can be whether coupled mechanically to the crankshaft or electrically stored in a battery. MAHLE is offering product solutions for both kinds of energy coupling. By using the exhaust energy, the fuel consumption of HD trucks can be reduced by 3 – 5% for longhaul applications.


  • MAHLE plant in Mühlacker/Germany

    The roughly 3-minute film provides an initial impression of the MAHLE plant and also presents the principles and values that govern the way the team works together on a daily basis. And, of course, it highlights the innovative technologies that find application in the MAHLE thermal management products manufactured here.

  • Motorsport development for Formula 1

    Formula 1 is the spearhead of the automotive industry and places the highest demands on technology. Those wanting to keep up need to constantly deliver top performance and develop a new engine every six months. The Scuderia Ferrari has been relying on MAHLE’s experience and knowledge for over four decades. The latest example of the successful cooperation with the racing team from Maranello/Italy is the innovative MAHLE Jet Ignition. This special surface ignition enables the fuel mixture to burn more efficiently than before, resulting in yet better performance with considerably less residue. This is crucial when it comes to achieving excellence on the race track with a limited quantity of fuel. The MAHLE development will soon be implemented in series vehicles on roads all over the world.

  • MAHLE CamInCam™ camshaft

    This 3D Animation shows in photo realistic quality construction and function of the MAHLE CamInCam™ camshaft. This world novelty enables variable valve timing and therefore higher torque and performance at lower fuel consumption.

    The new CamInCam™ camshaft is an ideal solution, particularly for engines with OHV (OverHead Valve) and SOHC (Single Over-Head Camshaft) valve trains. Due to its variability, ideal intake and exhaust timing can be adjusted for any driving condition.

    The MAHLE CamInCam™ camshaft is the only variable valve control available in the market for this type of engine. The results are improved performance, higher torque, lower fuel consumption, reduced emissions, and improved idling behavior.

  • MAHLE Microcapsules

    Modern High-Speed Diesel (HSD) engines place increasing demands on engine components. Specifically, for connecting rod bearings there is a requirement to endure increased peak cylinder pressures and the resulting loads transmitted through the connecting rods to the crankshaft. In addition to these high loads, the operating environment for bearings is becoming more aggressive. Reductions in oil film thickness combined with the move towards lower viscosity oils means that the seizure and wear resistance of the bearings play a crucial role in modern engine development. In order to attend to these demands, MAHLE has developed a novel high-performance polymer coating containing lubricant-filled microcapsules.

    The Microcapsules are designed to rupture during nascent scuff and high wear events and consequently release the contained lubricant ‘on demand’. This introduces additional lubrication when required to prevent seizure.

  • MAHLE SmartHeat

    Elected for 2015 by Automotive Business Magazine and AEA the best technology for Otto engines, SmartHeat is the most advanced technology for fuel heat, improving engine start and reducing pollutants.

    The replacement of gasoline injection during Cold Crank by conventional fuel heating systems in flexible vehicles demands high energy consumption and additional electronic controls. The new MAHLE technology SmartHeat for Cold Start and Low Emissions, made by semiconductors sensitive to temperatures variations, is able to reduce the start time, the energy consumption and more than 30% of pollutant emissions. Besides this, its self controlled temperature characteristics enables the elimination of electronic controls, decreasing the product costs and vehicle calibration time and thus simplifying the vehicle electrical architecture.

  • MAHLE Evotec 2 - Gasoline Pistons

    MAHLE’s EVOTEC® 2 is a lightweight aluminum piston with a very high structural strength especially designed for modern gasoline engines. The new MAHLE piston also enables the development of modular systems that can include ring carriers (RC) and salt-core cooling channels (SC) based on specific customer requirements.

    MAHLE’s basic EVOTEC® design features a narrow skirt on the thrust side of the piston and an elastic broad skirt on the anti-thrust side. MAHLE engineers further optimized the design to increase structural strength and reduce weight by approximately five percent.

    An EVOTEC® RC piston with a ring carrier and an EVOTEC® SC with a cooling gallery significantly expand the ability of the EVOTEC® 2 for raising power densities and increasing robustness, as well as providing further reductions in CO2 emissions. A piston combining RC and SC technology currently is under development.

  • MAHLE Powertrain Capabilities

    MAHLE Powertrain is the Engineering Services division of MAHLE GmbH. We offer the whole spectrum of engine design and development capabilities starting from initial concepts, through benchmarking and simulation, detailed 1D and 3D analysis and prototyping to engine build, testing, calibration, performance development, package studies and installation into demonstrator vehicles. The key steps in this process are illustrated in this video based on our own in-house design for a state-of-the-art, 4 cylinder downsizing engine.

  • We are MAHLE

    MAHLE is a leading international supplier to the automotive industry. With its products for combustion engines and their peripherals as well as solutions for electric vehicles, the group addresses all the crucial issues related to the powertrain and air conditioning technology—from engine systems and components to filtration to thermal management. MAHLE products are fitted in every second vehicle worldwide. And MAHLE components and systems have been successful on every race track in the world for decades. The company’s innovative products are also used off the road—in stationary applications, for mobile machinery, as well as in railroad, marine, and aerospace applications.